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Where is my tracking number?
Typically you should expect to receive a tracking number for your order 2 – 4 days after you place your order. processes fulfillment at 5:00 PM EST time Monday through Friday – if you place an order between 5:00 PM on a Friday and 11:59 PM on a Sunday, your order will be processed on the following day at 5:00 PM. This will impact the time at which your order is processed and the time at which you receive a tracking number.

How do I return my purchase?
All returns are currently administered directly through our affiliate partners. is not involved with the processing or handling of current orders.

Is my purchase safe with
Yes. Sales on will direct you to our affiliate checkout services, which use secure sockets layer (SSL) technology for all purchases to ensure that your sensitive information is protected.

Why am I making my purchases through a different website? finds slippers from across the internet and is launching as an affiliate partner with other major retailers. Our products are currently sold through their platforms as we grow our store into the premier source for all things comfortable.

Why can’t I choose a size for my slippers?
Once you click into the individual product, you will be redirected to the proper checkout service outside of, where you will have the option to choose a size for your slippers.

How do I stay updated on everything happening at
Our social media pages are the best way to engage with our brand and get updated on all information, discounts, contests, & new products. We’d love to connect with you! Give us a shout out.